Bayram Ali Düğü

22 Kasım 2018, Perşembe 10:56

Acclaimed Archeologist 'Found' His Own Fakes at 9,000-Year-Old Settlement

An acclaimed classicist surely understood for finding the rambling 9,000-year-old settlement in Turkey called Çatalhöyük appears to have faked a few of his old discoveries and may have run a "falsifier's workshop" of sorts, one specialist says.

James Mellaart, who kicked the bucket in 2012, made a portion of the "antiquated" wall paintings at Çatalhöyük that he as far as anyone knows found; he likewise produced archives recording engravings that were found at Beyköy, a town in Turkey, said geoarchaeologist Eberhard Zangger, leader of the Luwian Studies Foundation. Zangger analyzed Mellaart's flat in London between Feb. 24 and 27, discovering "models," as Zangger calls them, of wall paintings and engravings that Mellaart had asserted were genuine.

"He utilized a similar methodology for more than 50 years," Zangger disclosed to Live Science. "He would initially gain an immensely expansive and profound information [about the region he was intrigued in]. At that point, he would endeavor to utilize this learning to build up a cognizant noteworthy scene," Zangger said. This procedure in itself isn't unprecedented for a classicist or student of history. The main distinction is that real specialists at that point search for proof that either underpins or invalidates their thoughts. Rather, "Mellaart would create illustrations of antiques and interpretations of supposed records to strengthen his hypotheses," Zangger said.
James Mellaart

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